ADFP is a voluntary professional association of practitioners of digital financial services and registered as such under the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act CAP C20 LFN 2004. As a professional association of certified and experienced industry practitioners and academia, AFDP is guided by a constitution under an advisory oversight of a board of trustees. ADFP is run by an executive team with years of experience in both industry and academia.

The national executive committee is the authorized decision-making organ of ADFP and is tasked with the responsibility of leading ADFP towards achieving its vision and mission as well as ensuring the implementation of the objectives of the association. ADFP runs a five-tier membership structure which is made up the associate, full-member, fellow, honorary, and affiliate members.


The vision ADFP is to aspire to be a world-class association contributing to the progressive evolution and development of the DFS industry.


The mission of ADFP is to become a dependable industry driver for deepening the DFS ecosystem in Nigeria through expansive and inclusive professional membership development opportunities.

Our Core Objectives

Our primary objective at ADFP is to catalyze Nigerian DFS practitioners towards ensuring a greater level of digital inclusiveness for all, especially those at the larger base of the pyramid. Specifically, ADFP seeks to:

  1. Providing a platform for continuous education and networking.
  2. Provide technical advice in building the DFS ecosystem.
  3. Provide payment systems sensitization.
  4. Support and promote innovation.
  5. Advocate for and work with related bodies in driving financial inclusion.
  6. Provide consultancy services and training, including workshops, conferences, and seminars.
  7. Sensitize stakeholders on DFS value, opportunities, and services.
  8. Promote co-opetition and interoperability within the financial services industry.
  9. Stimulate and promote Financial Markets to work for the Poor.
  10. Advocate sustainability of financial services products.