ADFP runs a five-tier membership structure which is made up the associate, full-member, fellow, honorary, and affiliate members.


Associate Membership is a non-voting membership category, but as members, Associates can submit ideas and proposals and can participate in all initiative reviews. They can also participate fully in all Membership Meetings as a unique advantage to network with the other categories of membership. Associate members are paid members with the least membership subscription fee.


This membership category is only opened to individuals that are certified digital finance practitioners. Individuals with a doctorate degree in the field of finance, information science, information systems, or other related fields with at least 10yrs of cognate/practice experience can also be admitted into this membership category. The process of becoming a Fellow is managed by the Fellowship Committee. The membership category of Fellow is reserved for Full Members of the Association.


This is a membership category opened to anyone that has undergone a professional certificate course in digital finance from the Digital Frontiers Institute, and the Fletcher School at Tufts University, or other reputable institution providing capacity building programs in digital finance that may be determined by the Membership Approval Committee. Full members have voting rights and are entitled to hold offices and contest elections for the office bearers of the Chapters and committees.

Honorary Fellow

An Honorary Fellow is an individual recognized by the Association to have rendered outstanding services to the aims of the Association or to the broader ecosystem, with due regard being paid to the fact that this is the highest honour the association can bestow. An Honorary Fellow is chosen by the Board of Trustees. Nomination is only opened to members and nominees shall be persons with high scientific attainment or managerial experience in the DFS ecosystem and must be C-Level Executives with proven track records. An honorary member will not be entitled to hold office or vote at any meeting. This Membership is strictly by invitation only. The total number of honorary members in a Chapter shall not exceed 10 at any time. Ratification of nominees shall only be done in an Annual General Meeting after due consideration is carried out with the Board of Trustees.

Affiliate Membership

This is only available at an institutional level where an institution or organization that has met the constitutional requirement is admitted as a member of the ADFP Network and Partner Institutions (ANPI). Donors, cooperating partners and other sponsors are also classed as affiliate members due to their nature of involvement as institutions.